February 10, 2014

Like A Miracle...

Shining like the rays of sun,
Brightness everywhere,
Because of you it begun,
The sadness swept and life is fun.
Its so wonderful to know you,
The ambience... The aura of you,
I can feel it every time,
In my heart & in my mind.
Blacky... Red... Bluey... Purple...
So many shades, yet so simple.
Like the air you are,
Blowing by the beach,
When I lie on the sand,
every time I feel you, 
to my heart you reach.
Like a diamond you shine,
Definitely,May be... mine.
Like a Miracle,
So precious, So unique,
A smile for you always i seek.

October 10, 2009

The Streets...

Lovely roads in the midnight,
lamp shades and the roads bright.

In a moment you get to see,
monstrous machines and their hip-hop upbeat,
roaring on the streets the four wheelers greet.
from them their tail opens, like a pandoras box.
there you see the amazing neon, and the funky DJ jukebox.
then opens up the door and what you see galore,
the dancers paradise,some freestyle, some new-style.
the religion where the dance is god,
creativity in dance is its reward,
when you see
your eyes amazed by the beauty bee.
the steps you see never you imagined,
the bouts you try are like a far cry.
the synchronization is up pin point,
the heels & toes go right.
as you look you see perfection,
Step Up.. its the street,
grabs your every heart beat.

December 31, 2007

Da New year TaLes...

Dance on the night..
its the new sparking light..
da souls gonna submerge..
some in whiskey.. some wine..
for a new glowing shine..

da free minds will speak..
On the music they will freak..
Some will dance n da floor..
Some will run all over da shore...

But the 365 scroching days..
Only the victories upon to gaze..
See the new gift.. a pack of 365..
all raw.. give it a five..
So rock n me and rock n u..
So rock n every1..
Da world jus luvs u..

October 7, 2007

Music.. You hurt me!

Like everyday i sat
sittin on the couch..
glimpsed the pic of my cat
prayed for her merry vouch..

Then turned on the vibe
as usual ma songs startin slow..
those tender tones to describe
was waitin for my mood 2 gLow..

But things were strange
the songs were not heaLing..
were on a complete dis arrange
something different i was feeling..

The beats were beating me
the notes were hitting me..
those strings din't work
like lightening they struck..

The piano that played
like stones they laid..
every single symphony
was disturbing my harmony..

Still i heard them again..
thinkin singin will seal the pain
but the words were in vain
they were pricking me again..

A tear just slit through,
it rolled over down..
the lips it touched and
made it say..,
"oh! Music ouch!
u hurt me.."

August 14, 2007

Missing you now...

I stay awake in the night,
staring at the sky.
Thinking of you too on the sight,
lookin at the same star shining high.

This life aint the same,
without the queen of the game.
I hope that your fine,
and as safe as in the golden mine.

My ears eager to hear,
the words the whispers.
To live and to cheer,
to move up the daily gears.

I want those gentle feelings,
your arms 2 care.
From my bottom 2 ceiling,
caresses 2 share.

And my heart wakes up,
by the dreams wid ur beautiful face.
The love that lives up,
with the strength the world i face.

I hope i know you,
this much by now.
I hope you are feeling the same,
like am missing you now...

July 15, 2007

New Love...

A new love, young love,

Freshly dew and like the flowers in bud,
Exciting,Curious Heart accelerating so,
Though unknown,Damn exciting..
A Breathless love Full of belonging longness..
Eagerness to be together in chain,
and being Reluctant to part

Hand touching hand, Pulse raising
A Heart full of love, an Head full of Mad thoughts
“Does She feel as I?” “Am I just a fool?”
Is our love gonna last?
Is it gonna blossom and grow?
Is it gonna bear the fruit?
Like the long kept Wine..
Or wither on the vine...

July 14, 2007

Stupid Mez...

Stupid mez
Always in you i believed
AngeLic my heart
which you decieved

Stupid mez
So Much for you i cared
everything i gave
everything i shared

stupid mez
Always in you i had the divine trust
And to you everything was the burst of lust

stupid mez
Deep in your love i fell
now i'am hurt so bad
it seems i'll never get well

June 11, 2007

The Mirrors Speak

Looking at the mirrors, hung upon the wall,
there I see something strange, a pandora's box...
the angelic looks, the satanic nooks,
the hidden emotions and so many notions,
I close up on the matching face,
resembling are looks
but emotions fake...
Hey! look at those eyes,shining bright...
oh! even the glossy shines,
cried and had dried,
so when the hurting striker,
shoots between the poles
the bright eyeing keeper,
saves the goal.
there I look down a bit at the smiling curl
mirror it properly, the other way it whirls,
but hoping that the smile fades away...
those sadness and disappointing blues,
for everyone its happiness and the jolly hues...
so who says "Mirrors do lie",
they speak the truth that u can never deny...